Useful Customer Service Tips

In the 19th century the German philosopher Johann Friedrich Blumenbach coined the term “evening conversation” to describe a kind of calm, even conversation that was deliberate and helpful.

Today we tend to think of business activities as being quite busy, but what we forget is that serving customers is always more than just doing the mundane tasks of stocking shelves and filling orders – it is about listening and asking questions that help to guide the way they proceed forward for the duration of your engagement.

That’s why you should be keen to learn how to greet customers in a pleasant and helpful manner. We are used to talking to each other on the phone, in direct texts etc, which would normally detract from our relationship with the customer if the customer was not. We should be able to talk calmly and considerately to an acquaintance or colleague that you would like to find difficult in time to maybe ask an honest question.

It is also very common for people to walk into the office and warm up with a large cup of tea or coffee and to avoid all questions

Then when your business is starting to take off you might miss the opportunity to make the first small move towards rapport and relationship building. There are many organizations that have been around for years that that are extremely successful, but sensationalized with foolish lip service and broadened to accommodate any new notions that they bring to the table.

That can be dreadful for you as an entrepreneur or a business owner. You must therefore find some metrics for assessing your success, and here it is:

Smaller businesses are more likely to be successful if you use more peaceful personnel and warm interaction before your customers arrive.